Da Nang – Ba Na Tourism

Da NangBa Na tourist destination is considered the “green lung” of the Central region, this place is very suitable for eco-tourism and relaxation. Experiencing Ba Na tour, you will be able to participate in many interesting and unforgettable entertainment and relaxation activities.


French Village is always the perfect choice for those who are passionate about exploring and want to enjoy the best services. The French village in Ba Na has a medieval French architectural style, like the suburbs of Paris with the pinnacles of castles, squares, peaceful roofs.

Here, tourists can spend the night and enjoy a cozy meal at luxurious restaurants, relax at a unique cafe, or sip a hot tea or sip a delicious cake. out like in real Europe.

DEBAY Vineyard

Debay is a unique ancient wine cellar dug deep in the heart of Ba Na mountain. This place stores all kinds of wine and especially the famous wine which is considered as “national spirit, national drug” brought from France. When traveling to Ba Na, you will have new experiences and discoveries in a 100m-long wine cellar space at a temperature of 16 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, there is a bar inside this place. Therefore, an equally interesting activity besides sightseeing for you is to enjoy barbecue, sip a glass of wine as well as shop for fine wines as gifts.

FANTASY PARK Amusement Area

Fantasy Park is a tourist attraction in Da Nang not to be missed by most tourists when coming to Ba Na. This is the only indoor amusement park in Vietnam and in the world located on the top of a mountain.

Designed and built based on the novels “Journey to the center of the earth” and “Twenty thousand miles under the sea” by French writer Jules Verne, Fantasy attracts Da Nang tourists by sensory games. strong as adventure climbing, sliding tower, turn of the century, king of car crashes, haunted house…


Located at an altitude of nearly 1,000m, the Golden Bridge is currently the only bridge in Da Nang that does not cross any rivers. The bridge has an extremely impressive design, drawing an enchanting road like a soft silk in the middle of the sky, nearly 150m long, supported by the hands of the mountain god. If the Golden Bridge is cold in the morning, hidden in the early morning mist like a fairyland, when the sunset falls, this place puts on a romantic beauty that attracts visitors.

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Linh Ung pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na is one of the three famous “Linh Ung Pagoda” of Da Nang tourism. The temple is famous for its 27m high statue of Shakyamuni Buddha meditating on a lotus. Along with the delicate architecture, the tranquility of the scenery in Ba Na, this temple will be an ideal stopover for you to put aside your worries, sometimes, the sound of the temple bells coming from the Bell Tower will make you happy. Your heart becomes more peaceful.