Elephant Spring(Suoi Voi) – Hue, Vietnam Famous for the big elephant-shaped rocks, cool water flow and fresh air, Elephant Spring in Hue are known for the untouched beauty of natural forest mountains. It is also famous for many dishes of interesting and unique local people, attracting many tourists when visiting Hue. How to go to […]

I leave Hoi An at 7:30 after a good breakfast … Scooter rental for the day: $ 20, which is my budget for the day … but I’m ahead of time so it makes up for it … In addition we must add the price of a tank of gas … about 100,000 dong but […]

There is a truly ridiculous amount of great food in Hoi An, and as with most of South East Asia, the best of it is on the streets. Add these dishes to your “to eat” list when you visit… White rose dumplings. A shrimp-filled dumpling, wrapped in thin, translucent dough and shaped to look like […]

With streets overrun by motorbikes merging in every different direction, ceaseless horns honking and merchants calling out and tugging at you as you push your way down the sidewalk,